Innovation is in our nature.

We continuously explore new solutions to anticipate the market and be competitive.

To achieve this corporate mission every year we invest an important part of our resources in Research & Development for the creation of innovative software and experimenting with solutions not present as standard on the market.

The added value we provide lies in the desire to offer products and services oriented towards customer satisfaction, which is the basis of success. The modus operandi adopted focuses exclusively on the real needs of the customer and only proposes the most suitable and functional intervention.

Our team Research & Development, formed by experienced and qualified professionals, is constantly oriented towards updating and introducing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for technologically advanced products and services.

Competence and availability are distinctive elements widely recognized by our customers to whom we guarantee technical support and after-sales assistance.

In order to improve their skills, they are constantly working to develop new products and improve existing ones, and also study new cases that are brought to their attention. In addition, to ensure efficient service delivery, the team organizes internal professional development activities. Our offers are perfectly and rigorously customized according to the customer’s needs.

Our skills, the result of about 15 years of work in the Shipping sector, convinced us to invest in a naval fleet management project dedicated to small shipowners for whom, in our opinion, the solutions on the market are too demanding.

The result after 2 years of work was the creation of marine-app: a private web application with data shared both by the company’s land offices and on board the ship. We have made very onerous features simple, such as archiving and consulting documents and notes, editing and viewing schedules, examining indexes, summary tables and graphs. The system contributes considerably to the reduction of paper archives but at the same time guarantees the availability of documents such as projects and manuals

We have also integrated into the platform a remote-survey system with obvious advantages from various points of view.

All in a safe environment, protected from unwanted or unauthorized access. The solution is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud for both the application part and the data part. The data is stored on Azure SQL which is an intelligent and scalable cloud database service.

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