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Idee per arredare sala ristorante

Ideas for furnishing a restaurant room 2024 – Modern and trendy

Good food and good design are both vital to win over customers in the catering business. A restaurant atmosphere reflects the brand personality as well as conveys what you want to say. So the decor must be as good as the food. Your restaurant should be well decor, so guests feel comfy and invited to stay. Now, the main point is: How to furnish a restaurant? Well, to create a space like that, you have to consider two main things: Your dream decor and what makes people happy. I know that planning good decor is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of effort and research, as well as keeping the trends in mind. From this concern, we are here with some great ideas for furnishing a restaurant room that will make you stand out from others. No more delay, let’s find the secret!

Modern Restaurants Design – Restaurants furniture trends 2024

Some like boho chic design, while some like to add a vintage touch to their place. But whatever design or style you choose, Comfort and character are the main two factors to consider. Before going to the main part, we need to know what we should keep in mind while choosing the design. 

  • Think about the type and goals of the restaurant
  • Think about the space or size
  • Think about functionality
  • Plan your expenses
  • Pay extra attention to lighting
  • Entrance or counter
  • Choose the right furniture (Table, Chairs, and Booths)

Now, let’s talk about style and decor.

The Classic style - Modern Restaurant Furniture

The Classic style – Modern Restaurant Furniture

Classic style is the most loved that never goes out of fashion. It gives a feel of nostalgia while still having a trendy twist. A simple classic tablecloth can change the look. You can also choose leather furniture for a classic style. Choose a timeless chair style and color like green, brown and orange. With an elegant mise in place, it will have a classic yet modern look that you surely will love.

Vintage restaurant furniture

Want a 1930s vibe? Well, then go for the vintage style. Investing in a vintage style is the best way to add character to your restaurant. But you have to be very tactful because this style means bringing back the old style like the 70s. You can use wall art and aesthetic pieces to create the look. But vintage furniture or light fixtures may not be a great idea and may cause more troubles in a commercial setting. So you have to be careful.

Like the Rustic Charm?

A rustic decor scheme is ideal for creating a calm and inviting atmosphere. Use natural and organic materials like wood and stone to create a warm vibe. Also, add wooden ceiling beams, exposed brick walls, and distressed furniture for a rustic design. However, a rustic decor scheme is perfect for those who serve comfort food, such as Italian cuisine. 

Garden Ideas Restaurant - Go Greenery - Ideas for furnishing a restaurant room

Garden Ideas Restaurant – Go Greenery

Decorate your space with green plants to refresh the atmosphere. Adding plants helps purify the air and gives a garden feel. Use hanging plants, living walls, and potted plants to create a green oasis. Devil’s ivy, pothos, snake plant, and fern are some of the plants you can take care of easily as they are easy to grow. Or if you don’t want so much headache, go for faux plants. Still, it is not as good as the original, but it gives a green background for photos for the guests. A green design is usually best for those who serve healthy or plant-based cuisine, such as juice bars or salads.

A dive into underwater and beach beauties – Coastal charm

Creating an ocean vibe with coastal charm is best for giving a relaxing feel. Add ocean blue paint to the walls, some ocean inspired elements, and oyster style chairs to create a beachy vibe. Also, use coastal elements such as rope light fixtures and wooden tables. Use white tablecloths for a bright and floating look. Perfect for those serving seafood or casual dining.

Industrial chic decor

Industrial decor is ideal for those who want a trendy and modern atmosphere. Metal, concrete, and exposed pipes are best for creating a minimal yet stylish look. Also, add an extra glamor with industrial elements like bar stools and tables. This style is usually best for those who serve casual or modern food, such as sushi.

Table ideas for restaurant

There are many types of dining tables available. But you have to choose according to your restaurant style. Here are some ideas:

  • Resin table
  • Metal dining table
  • Laminate dining
  • Granite table
  • Classic booth style
  • High top table


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