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Come gestire un ristorante

How to Run a Restaurant – 10 Pro Tips & 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Today, the restaurant business has become popular, but not everyone has the right skills to manage it. So many restaurant owners are counting losses and giving up on their dreams. If you have a true passion for the restaurant business, you first need to know how to run a restaurant professionally. We must always prioritize developing our skills and keep our knowledge up to date. 

So, how can I do it? Remember that, today, the catering world has changed; if we don’t have higher and more specific skills, we risk being “left out” by those who are more expert than us. In this article, we will find ways “how to be successful in catering” and the mistakes we should avoid. Let’s begin!

How to be successful in catering – 10 Best Ways to Run a Restaurant

  • Define your goal
  • The customer is always right, and the top priority
  • Plan and organize shifts, work hours and daily activities
  • Manage and Train your staff
  • Utilize an online Booking system
  • Invest in online marketing and advertising
  • Keep an eye on the food cost and keep your account under control
  • Create the perfect restaurant menu based on customer tastes
  • Manage warehouse and stock good products
  • Keep your kitchen clean and optimize the space

Let’s dig deep into it!

Definisci il tuo obiettivo - Come gestire un ristorante

Define your goal

Running a restaurant takes a lot of focus and work. A strong strategy is required, along with passion. For that resonance, you must define your goals and create a unique plan that sets you apart from others. However, every business owner sets their goal while they do the business plan. Whether your goal is short-term or long-term, you need to be very clear in achieving it; Otherwise, you risk sailing aimlessly. So, set your goal and accomplish it step by step.

The customer is always right and the top priority.

Make customers, not sales. A satisfied customer can take your catering business to the top. Your main goal should be that every customer goes back with a smile on their face. And they will come back for your good service. And this can only happen if you focus on the following:

  • Good food quality
  • Well furnished and clean place
  • Offer a comfortable and relaxing environment
  • The staff are kind and well behaved
  • Reduce waiting time and timely food service
  • Fulfill their requests

Obviously, you can’t please everyone. But always respect their opinion and talk to them with a smile. Their behavior may be rude towards you, but you have to handle them wisely. This way, you can get closer to them.

Plan and organize shifts, work hours and daily activities.

Managing your catering business means you have to keep an eye on everything. This means that from the table setting to the kitchen, every task needs to be done with perfection. The more organized your work is, the more likely you will avoid unexpected situations. Break the task down into steps and create a daily goal. With proper planning, you can achieveĀ goals easily without errors.

Manage and Train your staff.

As discussed earlier, you must need skilled and well-behaved staff to run a catering business smoothly. Since the catering world is growing rapidly, there is no limit to learning. If you don’t continuously update your skills, you can fall behind in the race. And not just you but your employees too. This will help them improve their professionalism and engage in teamwork. Have a weekly meeting with staff to build a good bond and explore new possibilities.

Utilizza un sistema di prenotazione online

Utilize an online Booking system

To survive in this digital age, you have to think smart. A booking system can help you manage restaurant bookings, reduce wait times, and increase sales. Not only that, you can save time and reduce human errors. You can integrate it with your website by adding a “BOOK NOW” button. Also, payment management will be hassle free with a restaurant booking agenda. Prenotazioni Cloud Booking engine offers a free trial with lots of features. Don’t worry; you can create an account without using your credit card and cancel it anytime. They have a 24/7 expert support team always by your side.

Invest in online marketing and advertising

Word of mouth promotion is not enough for a business. Investing in online marketing can be a strong weapon to boost sales. There are many web tools that cannot be ignored in this modern age. The most popular and effective ways are:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social media is a powerful marketing tool to build a community. You must be active on social media and post regularly to engage with your customers. Share with them your latest menu and exciting offers. Always reply to their comments and appreciate them.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It is the most desired and appreciated way of promoting your business. SEO helps to rank your website in organic search results. Since there are many factors in SEO, you need proper knowledge to use it. Hiring an expert or an agency is highly recommended for a better result.
  • Paid Advertising: Running ads is also a good idea to reach targeted people. However, if you stop ads, you will lose the users. But for local businesses, it can be a great idea.

Keep an eye on the food cost and keep your account under control

You must be careful about analyzing the food costs. With accurate calculations, you can control the monthly expenses. Take an Excel sheet and calculate the cost, including VAT. Here are Five quick tips:

  • Track your food consumption.
  • Keep an eye on seasonal produce prices
  • Build relationships with a large number of suppliers
  • Reduce food waste
  • Pay attention to the amount of food served.
Crea il menu perfetto in base ai gusti del cliente.

Create the perfect menu based on customer tastes.

Pay extra attention when creating a menu, as it will affect your earnings. Always prioritize guest feedback and find out the most ordered dishes. Create best-selling options to promote the dishes. Create combo offers or platters to attract customers. 

Manage warehouse and stock good products.

The most important and challenging step is to manage the warehouse. You must be careful to track and record. Like sending orders to suppliers, dealing with them, recording invoices, etc. This work method requires constant attention to the raw materials present in the activity. Otherwise, there is a high possibility of waste.

Keep your kitchen clean and optimize the space

The kitchen is the heart of every restaurant. So, it must be Net and clean. Again, there are health risks in a dirty environment. Not only that but there is a risk of food poisoning in a dirty kitchen. So, it is directly related to your brand reputation. Whether the kitchen is small or large, clean it daily and deep clean it every week.

10 behaviors to avoid at restaurants – Don’t make these Management Mistakes!

  • Stick with the old strategy
  • Accountants take care of the law.
  • Leaving data in the table.
  • Not checking the cost of raw materials
  • My skills are enough, and I don’t need to update my skills
  • Relying on “hope marketing”.
  • Don’t take advantage of free web opportunities
  • Choosing the wrong partner
  • Do not renew your offer
  • Don’t Update and renovate your restaurant


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