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Children’s water games – Summer Camp Games Ideas for Children

Who does not love to play with water? On a hot summer day, water games are the best option to cheer up the kids. But how long are the same boring games? Children also want some new activity to beat up the heat with fun. So, if you are a summer camp manager or parent, these exciting and new Children’s water games are for you. Believe me, your children can learn while have lots of fun. So, let’s begin!

Make a team and have fun

Want to give your kids a good lesson with fun? Then this group game for children is the best idea. In group work, they will learn to make decisions and put forward their vision. This will improve their problem-solving skills and help them make many new friends. Also, they learn to respect their partners and improve their social skills. Let’s take a look at some of the games that require a team to play. Now is the fun time!

Water Relay

It’s a teamwork and balanced control game. You need just a glass of water.

First, make teams, and one team will have two members. Draw a start and finish line. The first member of the team will be in the first part of the line and will hold the glass filled with water. When the race starts, the first member will start running towards the finish line with the glass. Whenever the first member gives the glass full of water to the second member, he will finish the race by running from the last line to the first line. Thus, the team that has the most water in their glass after the race, will win the race.

Water Balloon Pinata

Water Balloon Pinata

You will need:

  • Water balloons
  • Rope
  • Blindfolds
  • Timer

First, make two groups and fill half of the balloons with water. Then, hang the balloons on the rope. You can also put some air balloons on the rope to make it more difficult. Then, blindfold the children and give them a stick to pop the balloons. Each member will get two minutes to burst the balloon. The team that will pop the most will be the winner.

Sponge toss – Children’s water games

You will need:

  • Sponges
  • Rubber band
  • Four buckets

First, cut the sponges lengthwise into three strips and tie them in the middle with a rubber band to make a round ball shape. Create teams, and each team will have two members. Then, fill the bucket with water and place an empty and a full bucket at a little distance. Give the first player a sponge and, ask him to soak it, and then throw it over his head to the second player. The second player’s job is to squeeze the sponge and pour all the water into the empty bucket. Main goal is to transfer water from one bucket to another in the shortest possible time. The team who can finish the game first wins.

Pool games – Best summer center activity

Want to make a boring pool party more cool? Usually, kids want an interesting game to spend time in the pool so that they can get a feel of the ocean. Here are some cool game ideas to make the swimming pool more fun.

Pool Noodle Races

Pool Noodle Races

This game is perfect for teaching young children to swim better while having fun. Each player will have a pool noodle and use them as horse riding. They will swim from one side of the swimming pool to the other while being in the pool noodles. Whoever reaches the pool finish line first wins.

Squirt Gun Water Race

You will need:

  • Squirt guns
  • Rope or string 
  • Plastic cups

First, you need two plastic cups and make a hole in the bottom of the cups. Now, insert two ropes between the two cups and tie one end of the rope to one side of the pool and the other end to the other end of the pool. Then, the kids will use two squirt guns to move the cups from one end to the other. Although it gets a little difficult for younger kids, it can still be a fun and educational game. Whoever can finish the water game in the shortest time wins. 

Underwater Treasure Hunt

This is a super fun pool game and you can arrange this game so easily. All you need is some waterproof objects such as coins, colored stones, or plastic jewelry. Now, throw these objects in the pool. Players will dive into the water and collect them one by one; whoever will collect the most treasures wins.

Be a scientist – Educational games for children.

Want to make summer vacation more fun? Then, try these exciting educational games for children. It will help to develop many different skills that are needed for life. Children like and enjoy experimental games during holidays. So, let’s begin!

Water Xylophone - Children's water games

Water Xylophone

You will need:

  • Glass jars or cups
  • Water
  • Metal chopstick or Metal spoon
  • Food Coloring

First, you need to arrange 5-6 glasses in a straight line. Now, fill the first glass with 1 ¾ of water and thus fill each glass with ¼ cup less water. Use different food colorings for each glass to make it more colorful, such as red, pink, blue, purple, etc. Yay, our Xylophone is ready! Now it’s time for music. Use the metal spoon and play with your Xylophone.

Density of cold and hot water

You will need:

  • Two equal size clear cups
  • Index card or wax paper
  • Red and Blue Food color
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Casserole pan

Take a cup of cold water and add a few drops of blue food coloring to it. And you need another cup of hot water and add a few drops of red food color to it. Now, Place the blue water cup in the bottom of the casserole pan. In this step, you have to be more careful, or you can ask for help from an adult. Hold the index card over the hot (red) water carefully and invert, placing the cup over the cup of cold (blue) water. Immediately remove the index card to allow the cold and hot water to mix. Now, see the magic! Since their densities are different, they will not mix.


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